Treating Dog pain

I remembered a time when my dog screamed out loud. It wasn’t the best thing to hear. I was sitting on my computer doing some work- and he just howled. I was wondering what the heck is going on here!!! Why is he like this? This caused me to be worried about him. So of course, you want to find out whats going on with your dog, so you go to the vet.

It was pretty late… so i had to wait till the next day. I had the vet check out my dog to see what was wrong with him. She told me he had some problems. high blood pressure, slight blindness and some experiencing some pain in his body.

She prescribed me some medication for my dog called Rimadyl. As I mentioned earlier in an earlier post- I started to notice some positive effects for my dog immediately. So here I am sharing with whom ever stumbles upon this site whose dog is experiencing pain that this treatment may work for your dog. Although, I’d suggest talking to your veterinarian. I am no vet or anything. So it’s probably best to take on their advice. I am just sharing my personal experience.

Anyhow, if you’d like to learn more about dog pain medication you can always talk to your vet to learn more.

NSAIDs help reduce joint pain in dogs, and also helps reduce the stiffness and swelling your dog experience.

When your dog has arthritis, osteoarthritis a matter a fact- since this is the number cause of dog pain. Statistically, or with the ratio of 1 out of 5 dogs being affected. Dogs who are older than 7 years old suffer more. This disease degenerates your dogs muscles and tissues causing inflammation and pain in your dog.

It’s important recognize these symptoms and treat it early before it gets worst.

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